world, meet cofiboi

i breathe the same polluted air you do.
i live on nicotine and caffeine. i indulge in alcohol.
i eat the same chemical-frosted gunk you do.
i write. i sleep. i let my mind wander and fantasize about
the undying lands of the west.
i live by the principles of tolkien. i am elvish- in my mind.
i dance to kylie. i rock to bamboo. i sleep to enya.  i am human.
i am filipino. i am chinese. i am a child of the world.
i left college to pursue life. i live to be alive.

9 thoughts on “world, meet cofiboi

  1. (haha. paki-delete na lang po ang lemonwriter at mentalclimax sa links. tinatambakan na kita ng mga pasong blog. tumatanda na ako. 😦 )

    pakibura na lang ito. 🙂

  2. Thanks for dropping by My Blog!

    I read through most of your poems. I really enjoyed myself!

    Kudos to you and keep on writing and keep on pursuing your dreams!

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