walk on water

i walk on water

in a world made of tears

i hold my hands up

catching the sunlight in my palms

i walk on shattered glass

on a bloody hill

the wind, vampires on my neck

moonshine and starlight

in my night sky

i walk on water

and the world turns to night

but i do not sleep

i step on the sea’s foamy shore

the sand, cold to the touch

like my heart, strung on my chest

like a pendant

crushed like a flower

scattered like ashes

spread on water

in a world made of tears


this way

in my bed

there’s a space for you

come lay down

i am waiting


in my bed

i lie alone

so won’t you sleep

beside my lonely heart tonight


in my bed

my dreams, my thoughts

are all of you

i stay awake, because of you


in my bed

i see the night stars

waiting for morning

praying you’d stay


in my bed

where the sheets stay


under the covers, my pillow sits alone


in my bed

my heart awaits

for the night you’d say

let’s lie here, this way