Where to?

It’s still all up in the air but my mind is set. I may not feel the pain of being uprooted yet but I feel hopeful. More than two decades of living here has made me who I am today. Yet the thought of leaving all of these scares me. I know I am making the right choice; but that doesn’t change the fact that this is going to be my biggest leap of faith.
So here’s to being a grownup and making all those grownup decisions.
Wish me luck.



do you?

when i lay awake at night

do you think of me?

my first waking thought is you

do think of me too?

when i dream, i see you

do you see me that way too?

when we talk, my thoughts wander, searching for an answer

but that answer may never come

but do you think of me?

when you mention his name, does my name come out of your lips too?

i trudge through my day, waiting for you

but do you wait for me too?

i think about holding your hands, feeling your palms

brush against mine

do you feel the same way too?

as i sit here in my room, thinking of what could be, what might be

do you do that too?

but why do i think of you so?

was it just a fleeting moment when i saw the sparkle in your eyes

when you smiled when you saw me?

was it trivial?

was it just me?