i think i need my heart back now.

oh, you didn’t know you had it the whole time? well, i kind of slipped it inside your pocket while you were sleeping.

i guess you didn’t notice it was there. i hope it’s not in bad shape. hearts are very fragile objects you know.

when it fit your pocket, i thought that it would fit you too. but i guess i was mistaken.

in any case, i’ll be needing my heart back. i kind of missed it. i’m surprised i lasted this long without it with me. but i don’t think i want to do that any longer. you’ll never know when someone else might need it.

but thanks for carrying it anyway, even if you didn’t know that it was there. was the beating too faint and vague to hear? well i guess you were listening to other things then for you not to notice the tinny tiny sound a broken heart makes.

well, it’s not like it has never been broken before. or that you haven’t held it and shattered it to pieces. you have and you did. it took a while to find the missing pieces and solving the puzzle, but it became whole again.

that’s why i thought that i’d share it with you again.

but you didn’t notice it was there.

so i think i need it back. there’s a huge hole in my chest and it’s missing a huge chunk.

one more favor i need to ask of you, please close the door when you leave. i left it open for you, but now i think i’ll wait til somebody knocks again.