cofiboi think he’s in love

i’m not even going to stop it. i would let myself fall. no matter what the consequences are, i’m ready for ’em.

and to you, thanks. i’ve never felt this way in a long time. 🙂

i’ve been hearing this song in my head since last time we saw each other.

this is jennifer hudson’s “if this isn’t love”


i blame you

i blame you for making me feel this way

i blame you for letting me think that it could be possible

i blame you for this vagueness

i blame you for a lot of things

well, it’s not all your fault. i think i am to be blamed as well. well, sort of.

this is a classic case of me biting off more than i could chew. i never expected to have these feelings and thoughts about you again. but i opened the door and invited you in.

and i guess it’s all on me. i read between the lines too much. even if there is nothing there to read. and i blame myself for conjuring up these crazy scenarios in my head that left me expecting too much.

am i headed towards another heartache? i don’t think so, but if i don’t do anything about this, i am well on my way to brokenheartsville.

oh well, nobody dies from a broken heart, might as well risk it.

and yes, i blame you.