and then there was me

deep in the secrets of my soul

i am lonely


languishing beneath the mask i wear


i tread in the road of despair

half hoping and pining for you

whoever you are

i hear my heart beat

amidst the noise the world makes

and sigh

i let my mind travel

to a place where i am alone in my thoughts

and cry

although i know not why

and when i return

i am alone.


this ends, now

i no longer recognize your face

your smile ceased to be warm and inviting

your touch, cold like death

i shiver in fear whenever you come near

i no longer understand your language

the words you speak like shards of glass

wounding my heart

i bleed, like a dying soldier

begging for death to take me

but i see only you, standing over me

the dark shadow over my dark days

you have changed when i have not

i no longer trust you

i no longer love you

i no longer yearn to be in your arms

for there is no love to be found there

only hurt and pain and suffering

and tears

my feet, too tired to walk away

but my soul no longer wants to stay

this too shall pass, so they say

but this ends, now