espresso shots- no fizz, just sugar (cofiboi on satc 2)

remember sarah jessica parker’s ads for coke light when the first sex and the city movie came out? well if you don’t, here’s one of the posters to refresh your memory:

well, the first movie was ‘light’ indeed but at least there were some elements in the movie that made it a little interesting: carrie’s wedding and the eventual crash, charlotte’s pregnancy, miranda’s falling out and then reunion with steve and samantha’s breakup with smith jarrod. these were enough to keep the movie afloat.

two years after, the producers decided that one movie isn’t enough to tell the girls’ story. as if five seasons of high heels and promiscuous sex isn’t, but that’s not the point. they wanted to keep the mythos alive by churning out another sequel. the movie’s poster alone promised a  lot of bling:

and although i wasn’t really excited to see this installment, i figured that i should see this just for the fashion and for other sentimental reasons. 🙂

i have seen the series and i am a huge fan of the series. i couldn’t say the same for the movies though. and although the movies are like one big fashion editorial spread, i find the plot of both films too light for my taste.

one of my friends who’s leaving for australia to meet her boyfriend wanted her ‘girls’ (yes, that includes me) to see the movie with her before she went off to see her prince charming. she’s the self-proclaimed ‘carrie’ of the group.

so how was the movie? well, the fashion was still there. from carrie’s gold louboutins to miranda’s plunging neckline on the gown/dress she wore for their gay friends’ wedding.

when one watches these types of movies, it is advised to leave logic behind and try to ‘enjoy’ the movie. but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with me. i always thought that beyond the yards of silk and sequins, there is a good story. but in this movie, there wasn’t.

it’s like a day old soda: no fizz, just sugar.

and the movie i saw was rated PG-13, meaning a lot of scenes were cut. like samantha’s scene on the beach and her sugar-coated ending. it really wasn’t the sex and the city i have grown to love. were the producers targeting the miley cyrus tweeners? i really wouldn’t know. but it was so disneyfied i left the movie house disappointed.

but if it’s fashion that you want, you’d see a lot of it in this movie. shoes, dresses, accessories, you name it. it’s like being in the front row of this year’s spring/summer collection. but since i’m not really in to fashion, i wasn’t interested.

that being said, sex and the city 2 is a bust. marriage killed carrie.


cofiboi, the bookworm

i bought two books yesterday and i’m done reading one.

i bought becca fitzpatrick’s ‘hush hush’ and michael scott’s ‘the alchemyst’

i posted a status message on facebook that i was planning to buy books and was needing suggestions. a couple of friends replied with interesting titles. and of course, like the good sleuth that i am, i googled one of the titles and i got this:

interesting cover, huh?

will tell you all about the book once i get over my newfound hatred for the author and her chosen genre. yes, the book is THAT bad. do not, i repeat, do not buy this book. i should have read the reviews first before shelling out a couple of hundred pesos.

i will try to be objective. but i can’t right now, so my review would have to be delayed.

good thing michael scott is there to convince me that the young-adult fiction genre is more than bella and edward. i’m halfway through the first book in his nicholas flamel series and so far i am liking it.

and once i’m done reading, i’ll post my thoughts here. 🙂

so far, this book looks promising. 🙂