cofiboi on relationships

i was having my hair cut by a korean earlier, which was an experience in itself when i got to thinking about relationships.

not just mine, but relationships in general. what people want from one, why people go into one and why these relationships fail.

i know i’m treading into really thin ice talking about it and i don’t want to come out as this guru on relationships and i’m not a shrink so there wouldn’t any of these psycho-babble crap.

all i can share are thoughts on relationships, because i’ve had my fair share.

so here’s what i learned from all of the failed relationships i’ve had. you might actually agree with me on some points, so try to keep an open mind, dear reader. 🙂

  • i learned that people aren’t necessarily lonely, but sometimes they just want someone to share their completeness with.
  • i learned that one needs to keep something from the relationship, sharing is good, but you need to keep something so that when someone leaves there’s something left to help you pick up the pieces ( i think i already wrote this somewhere)
  • there’s no ‘one great love’. not even a second, one can love as many people as possible. you can love a whole lot of people; like family, and that can also be translated to romantic love.
  • talking to your partner helps a lot. letting the other person know what you think does wonders to a relationship, especially in sex. 😉
  • i also learned that there’s some truth behind this: “why wait for mister right when mister right now is here?”
  • choose which battles to fight. if it’s time to let go, no use trying to make it work, some relationships have a shelf life.
  • letting go is never easy, but the sooner you get on the road, the easier it gets to move on.

well, so far, those are the things i learned. i might add more to the list as i move along. 🙂


summer fling

i think i’m just about ready for a summer fling. 🙂

i’m not ready for a full-blown relationship yet. right now, i’m having fun being single.

i can go wherever and meet whomever i want. 🙂

i need something fleeting. like summer. and i don’t care if things get too hot, i’m burn-proof. haha.

this summer, i’ll make sure i date, a lot. dates and then some. i guess my trip alone to cebu gave me a new perspective; a new way of looking at what’s on my plate. i have always had a positive attitude towards life, but after falling in love with cebu, i guess you could say i’ve reached a higher level of positivity. 🙂

and yes, i think i’m due for a mature kind of dating. i have outgrown clubbing and blind dates. i’m not that young anymore, so i think i need to play in the grown-up sandbox now.

i know, summer flings are immature, but if you look at it from another angle, it’s actually a mature concept. i have accepted the fact that not all relationships last long. and you shouldn’t force yourself into committing into something or someone you’re not ready for yet. i don’t necessarily need a disposable boyfriend, but i definitely need someone. so i think the best solution is a fling. nothing serious, all fun.

and besides, it’s fun to have someone around- and pets don’t count. 🙂

so, any takers? 🙂