cofiboi on being a grown up

do i look like i’m 27? 🙂

i’m the guy in black. the other guy’s unimportant. teehee. 🙂

of course i don’t look like i’m 27, right?

well, i’m not in denial. when people ask, i’d tell them i’m 27. i stopped fooling myself when i turned 25.

i don’t lie about my age, although most people still say i look young(er).

like many other kids, i couldn’t wait to grow up. then i started paying taxes, that made me wish i was still in grade school. but just like manila’s traffic, i have accepted that paying taxes is a part of life, so is getting old.

so, what have i learned after living in this planet for more than two decades? not that much. but hey, the average life span of a filipino is 70.5 years, so i think i have plenty of time to learn stuff.

well, since i have been busy doing nothing, my average-sized brain came up with a lot of things and thoughts and most of them were about getting old.

now here are the things that i’ve discovered now that i have walked the earth for over two decades:

  • beer and chocolate go well together (trust me on this one)
  • a magic 8 ball should always be present when making decisions
  • you won’t get laid by introducing yourself as: “hi, i’m (your name here). and i’m drunk”
  • there would be times when you need to live on instant noodles and canned tuna
  • you’d get tired of the club scene and the next time you step in a club, you’d want to leave after an hour (the strobe lights hurt!)
  • a beer belly at 26 is inevitable
  • you will start to resent seeing college kids out and about on a saturday night (stop spending your allowance on booze for chrissakes)
  • band-aids and mom’s kisses do not cure everything, but don’t you wish they could?
  • ‘areas of opportunities’, ‘managing out’, ‘action items’ would now be part of your vocabulary
  • you’d always feel sick when monday comes around (i do)
  • you’re considered a ‘classic’ (and not in a very good way)
  • when payday comes around, one word comes to mind: BILLS
  • i have learned that i can’t function properly without my morning coffee
  • when on a date, you’d prefer to go dutch. (well if he pays, i really wouldn’t mind)
  • you’ve hopefully outgrown your teen angst, kinda getting over your quarter-life crisis and looking forward to your pension (haha, kidding)
  • you’d learn that life is hard, but it can also be a fun, crazy, wild, exhilarating ride. 🙂

so here’s to being a grown up, and i wouldn’t want it any other way. 🙂

but honestly, i look young, right?