you’re still there
want to come inside?
maybe have a drink or two?
how about we go out for dinner?
see a movie? or dance?
tell me, what’s on your mind?
it’s been ages since we last talked
how’s life treating you?
i’m doing well
given the circumstances
so tell me, where have you been?
it’s been what, a year? two years?
i really don’t remember
since we last 
you know
here, let me show you
i still have the photos
remember the time when went to that place?
our place
never mind. it’s embarrassing anyway.
but it was something.
well. here we are.
again, it seems. 
we keep running the same circles
going through the same lines
though things have changed
i have changed.
so you’re there
and i’m here
what happens next?

Light Bulb

The air is damp

The lamp flickers

Shadows play in the dark

Almost dancing

To the music of an unseen orchestra

My skin is hot to the touch

Almost feverish

Then you whisper in my ear: “I want you”

I gasp in delight

Out of breath, chest heaving

Your arms and hands slick with sweat

I close my eyes in ecstasy

Almost moaning

But please, do not stop

You took in air

The moon smiled

And as I arched my back

You held me closer

You whispered: “I want you”

My body agreed.


chapter one

of vampires and werewolves

and warlocks and witches and wizards

of bold knights and evil kings and damsels in danger

of warriors and princes and the evil old stepmother

the pages crack

and the dust settles

in the playground, penned by the greatest minds

and read by eager schoolboys


chapter two

of love found and lost

of undulating bosoms and raging manhoods

of young affection, like the dewy spring

of men and women

and spies and secrets

of cloak and dagger

notes written on the edges

all dog-eared and stained


chapter three


of resolution and whodunnit

of mystery and crime

corruption, hate and death

of history, revolution, freedom and ultimately, redemption

we choose our heroes not of black and white

but of grays and blurred alliances


chapter four


of happy endings

of cliffhangers

we bid our journey fare thee well

the hero gets the girl

the villain dies

the country is freed

the president is saved

the mystery is solved

and in our head, the adventure continues


walk on water

i walk on water

in a world made of tears

i hold my hands up

catching the sunlight in my palms

i walk on shattered glass

on a bloody hill

the wind, vampires on my neck

moonshine and starlight

in my night sky

i walk on water

and the world turns to night

but i do not sleep

i step on the sea’s foamy shore

the sand, cold to the touch

like my heart, strung on my chest

like a pendant

crushed like a flower

scattered like ashes

spread on water

in a world made of tears

and then there was me

deep in the secrets of my soul

i am lonely


languishing beneath the mask i wear


i tread in the road of despair

half hoping and pining for you

whoever you are

i hear my heart beat

amidst the noise the world makes

and sigh

i let my mind travel

to a place where i am alone in my thoughts

and cry

although i know not why

and when i return

i am alone.

the journal

tattered and yellowed

cobwebbed and worn

cracked and beaten

the pages heavy with thoughts

and memories

and dreams

i pry the book open, gingerly as i go

and then i am taken back

to a place where visions are cast

and my world used to be yours

with limitless hope, i write without fear

my future, our future

letter upon letter, word upon word, sentences on sentences

the blank pages became my canvass

to a masterpiece we once created, we once shared

written on eternal sunshine

read with the light of the moon

i touch the old and cracked page

like skin

and all the tales and all the stories

surround me like wisps of smoke

and then i breathe

the memory fades

the pages fall to the ground like ashes

the story ends and the book is closed