you’re still there
want to come inside?
maybe have a drink or two?
how about we go out for dinner?
see a movie? or dance?
tell me, what’s on your mind?
it’s been ages since we last talked
how’s life treating you?
i’m doing well
given the circumstances
so tell me, where have you been?
it’s been what, a year? two years?
i really don’t remember
since we last 
you know
here, let me show you
i still have the photos
remember the time when went to that place?
our place
never mind. it’s embarrassing anyway.
but it was something.
well. here we are.
again, it seems. 
we keep running the same circles
going through the same lines
though things have changed
i have changed.
so you’re there
and i’m here
what happens next?


the world sleeps in night’s embrace

the earth is still, dreams take flight

but i do not sleep

i cannot will myself to take comfort in night’s lullaby

i stay awake, and my mind wanders

thoughts flash, like streaks of falling stars

illuminating the landscape of my thoughts

i look up and the sky, clear like day, opens and reveals your face

i took a step but the chasm that divides us is far too great

i can only gaze, for we are apart

your image blurs and i say ‘wait’

your smile fading quickly as the night gives way to dawn

no goodbyes, and  the tears did not fall

for at dusk, i might get a glimpse of heaven yet again.

the ‘huh?’ poem

amidst the sea of garbled words and mixed signals

your truth stays afloat

i fly on wings of your spoken word

to reach your beacon

but claws of questions hinder my flight

and doubt descends like storm clouds

then the light of your spirit, like a shining blade
pierced the darkness

and that little speck of hope

still flicker in the horizon

like the phoenix i rise

with steely resolve i fly again

as i reach for you

our hands touch, but try as i might

your truth, your whole being slips further away

and then you disappear

the light is gone

and once again i am bound in the dark