i do not care for dreams. i have always believed that dreams are just fragmented byproducts of my overactive subconscious.

back in college, we studied dreams and what their meanings might be. but being a natural cynic, i did not pay attention. after all, psychology is not an exact science, and there has been no concrete scientific evidence linking dreams and their meanings to our waking, boring lives.

but last night’s dream was different. it was so lucid, i can still remember how i felt when i was in it.

so this is how my dream went:

i was in my room, although i clearly remember i felt a little bit disconnected from everything and i think i was floating, and in the corner was a canvas bag (remnants of the four chord song perhaps?). sticking out from the bag were three huge white heart-shaped balloons with words (and since this is a dream, they looked like words to me) printed in red (valentine’s anyone?).

i ‘floated’ weightlessly to the bag to ‘read’ the words on the balloon. and like any other dream, the letters are jumbled but i seemed to understand what they meant based on what i felt (as i remember it). then, a table materialized beside the bag with two powder blue envelopes, the kind you see on gifts. i opened one, and i clearly remember that it didn’t have my name on it but i read it anyway.

i think it said: “i still love you, (and it wasn’t my name)”

then i opened the other envelope. it still didn’t have my name on it, but the letter was addressed to me. i don’t know what it said but i remember throwing the letter away and focused my attention on the heart-shaped balloons. i studied the words and although i don’t remember what i read (or the dream me, rather), i felt betrayed.

that feeling stayed with me even after i woke up. i surmised that it has something to do with his ex. i deduced (yes, i like to use that word) that he wants his ex back.

it would have made more sense if i knew who this ex was and who wants to get back with that ex.

as far as i know, i’m the only protagonist in that dream (which was very logical because it was MY dream after all) and the other characters would remain nameless. so i’m a bit unnerved because i woke up feeling betrayed and disappointed with no one to direct these feelings to.

that’s when little brothers come in handy. he was the sole recipient of my early morning grumpiness. and after coffee, i was okay.

so what’s the point of this post? i don’t have any idea. maybe there’s someone i know who wants to be reunited with an ex. well that’s my take on it. and even if i don’t really care much about dreams (the kind you get when you sleep, not your hopes and aspirations in life), i want to know what you guys think. 🙂