Light Bulb

The air is damp

The lamp flickers

Shadows play in the dark

Almost dancing

To the music of an unseen orchestra

My skin is hot to the touch

Almost feverish

Then you whisper in my ear: “I want you”

I gasp in delight

Out of breath, chest heaving

Your arms and hands slick with sweat

I close my eyes in ecstasy

Almost moaning

But please, do not stop

You took in air

The moon smiled

And as I arched my back

You held me closer

You whispered: “I want you”

My body agreed.


cofiboi’s new look!

so i decided to give my blog a makeover. and for those who have visiting my site often, you know that i write about a lot of things. and some of you might say(i’m sure i would) that some of the time my posts are all over the place.

i post poetry, my emotional constipations, book reviews (so far there’s just one) and random rants. so, to bring order to this chaos, i decided to ‘compartmentalize’ my blog. makes reading easier. 🙂

i hope you like how it looks like now. i will add new pages as i go along.

so welcome to the new cofiboi streetwalker! enjoy your stay! 🙂