espresso shots- inception

“i found myself falling, although i do not remember why i was there or what made me fall. after a few seconds, or was it hours? i was on my feet, standing on top of a snow-capped mountain, in the middle of a mountain range. i should have been overwhelmed by the sight that lay before me, but i wasn’t, and then i opened my eyes and i awoke.”

chris nolan’s latest offering is probably one of the most intelligent films i have ever seen. although highly intellectual, this movie does not alienate the regular, casual movie goer.

before i saw this film, i have read countless reviews online about how awesome this movie is and how christopher nolan has set the bar again  for hollywood movies. he just proved yet again that a movie does not have to be dumb and full of explosions to be commercially successful.

the actors he cast were perfect and they played their roles like they were born for it. leonardo di caprio can still be counted on to deliver and he has indeed grown up from being jack. 🙂

the movie’s plot, when you think about it is very simple: planting an idea into someone’s mind through a dream so that the dreamer would ultimately think that the idea was actually his. and chris nolan has weaved an intricate story about how powerful dreams are. what we dismiss as mere creations of our subconscious are actually the building blocks of our reality.

the movie opens with a scene from someone else’s dream and the viewer is made to believe that the movie would end how it began. a lot of writers use this device to make the story interesting and mr. nolan used this in such a way that although the movie is complete when the credits roll, the ending would still be left to our interpretation.

i see a lot of discussions long after the movie has ended. and i think that is how good movies should be: and escape and at the same time can fuel intellectual discussions.

when i said the casual movie goer would not be alienated, i meant that even though this is a ‘thinking’ movie, the viewer would not be hard pressed to figure out what this movie is all about. half-way through the movie, one would have a pretty good grasp of what the writer would wish to convey. and since this is also a hollywood film, the producers did not scrimp on the special effects. the dreamscapes were amazing and the action sequences could rival any jerry bruckheimer production.

the movie has something for everyone. and unless you’re the type who would rather shut down your brain when watching a movie, ‘inception’ would not really give you a hard time thinking. but it would certainly open ideas.

go see it, twice even. 🙂

“What’s the most resilient parasite? An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules. “- Dom Cobb, Inception


espresso shots – life lessons from toy story 3

i hate going to the movies alone. the last time i did was back in college, i played hooky a lot. 🙂

i convinced my brother to come see toy story 3 with me and of course after much bullying, he relented. he said yes and i reserved our seats online knowing that the movie house would be packed today.

in a classic brotherly move, he stood me up. i ended up paying for two tickets and watching the movie alone. i was a little irritated of course but then i realized we lived in the same house, retribution is sure to hound my dearly beloved brother.

the first toy story movie was shown in 1995, i was in grade school then, a little older than andy but i was still into toys. i remember seeing the movie with my family, my brother included, and was amazed at how the animators were able to come up with a movie like this one.

i vaguely remember watching the second one because i think i was too busy with my life and i probably bought a bootleg dvd of that one.

i was expecting this movie to be your regular computer-generated movie: lots of visual effects with very little story. but i was pleasantly surprised to to find out that this movie is a very grown up one.

the kids would love this for sure, but the grown ups would leave the movie house with something to think about too. by the end of the movie, when the story draws to a close, i felt a little bittersweet. same feeling i had when the credits were shown in the lord of the rings trilogy. but more than that, this animated movie made me think about one very important life lesson: letting go and moving on.

when we were kids our lives were very predictable and leaving, loving, heartbreak were probably words we never used.

then we grew up. we learned that there are times that we need to let go and we need to leave someone or something behind. but then again, i have always found it hard to let go especially to people who have been a part of my life. people who made me who i am. people i loved.

moving on is a process i have gone through a lot of times and let me tell you, it’s not easy. it’s not easy to let go of something you have been doing for a long time. it’s hard to let go of someone you have loved so much and is a part of who you are. but i have learned to make the process a little easier to bear.

the toys made me realize how it is really to move on.

at the onset of a breakup or somebody leaving, we tend to have fears. we’re afraid that we might not be the same without that person. we have built our lives around a concept that our lives are connected and when we lose the connection, we would just fall apart and we would never be the same again.

but woody, buzz and the rest of the toys made me think about how i handle the demise of a relationship. in my opinion, that alone made the movie powerful.

the toys didn’t fight to win andy’s affection, they knew that andy would someday grow up and leave them behind. however, just like many of us, they didn’t like to be thrown away. all they wanted was to stay in the attic where andy could always find them whenever he needs them-if he needs them. and that’s what the whole movie was all about: making someone realize that moving on doesn’t always have to be hard, the worst it can be is to be a bittersweet ending.

and that’s what i felt when the credit rolled, that bittersweet feeling when i let go of a relationship. i do not cut the ties, i just loosen them. no person is bound to us forever. we just have to cross our fingers and hope that when we do move on, it would be to something better. and that’s something we can’t prepare for.

the movie was great. and being a kids’ movie, it doesn’t have those sappy, awkward long pauses with a sad song playing in the background. the creators have done a good job. toy story 3 is a neat little ribbon to wrap up the whole franchise.

espresso shots- no fizz, just sugar (cofiboi on satc 2)

remember sarah jessica parker’s ads for coke light when the first sex and the city movie came out? well if you don’t, here’s one of the posters to refresh your memory:

well, the first movie was ‘light’ indeed but at least there were some elements in the movie that made it a little interesting: carrie’s wedding and the eventual crash, charlotte’s pregnancy, miranda’s falling out and then reunion with steve and samantha’s breakup with smith jarrod. these were enough to keep the movie afloat.

two years after, the producers decided that one movie isn’t enough to tell the girls’ story. as if five seasons of high heels and promiscuous sex isn’t, but that’s not the point. they wanted to keep the mythos alive by churning out another sequel. the movie’s poster alone promised a  lot of bling:

and although i wasn’t really excited to see this installment, i figured that i should see this just for the fashion and for other sentimental reasons. 🙂

i have seen the series and i am a huge fan of the series. i couldn’t say the same for the movies though. and although the movies are like one big fashion editorial spread, i find the plot of both films too light for my taste.

one of my friends who’s leaving for australia to meet her boyfriend wanted her ‘girls’ (yes, that includes me) to see the movie with her before she went off to see her prince charming. she’s the self-proclaimed ‘carrie’ of the group.

so how was the movie? well, the fashion was still there. from carrie’s gold louboutins to miranda’s plunging neckline on the gown/dress she wore for their gay friends’ wedding.

when one watches these types of movies, it is advised to leave logic behind and try to ‘enjoy’ the movie. but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with me. i always thought that beyond the yards of silk and sequins, there is a good story. but in this movie, there wasn’t.

it’s like a day old soda: no fizz, just sugar.

and the movie i saw was rated PG-13, meaning a lot of scenes were cut. like samantha’s scene on the beach and her sugar-coated ending. it really wasn’t the sex and the city i have grown to love. were the producers targeting the miley cyrus tweeners? i really wouldn’t know. but it was so disneyfied i left the movie house disappointed.

but if it’s fashion that you want, you’d see a lot of it in this movie. shoes, dresses, accessories, you name it. it’s like being in the front row of this year’s spring/summer collection. but since i’m not really in to fashion, i wasn’t interested.

that being said, sex and the city 2 is a bust. marriage killed carrie.