espresso shots- inception

“i found myself falling, although i do not remember why i was there or what made me fall. after a few seconds, or was it hours? i was on my feet, standing on top of a snow-capped mountain, in the middle of a mountain range. i should have been overwhelmed by the sight that lay before me, but i wasn’t, and then i opened my eyes and i awoke.”

chris nolan’s latest offering is probably one of the most intelligent films i have ever seen. although highly intellectual, this movie does not alienate the regular, casual movie goer.

before i saw this film, i have read countless reviews online about how awesome this movie is and how christopher nolan has set the bar again  for hollywood movies. he just proved yet again that a movie does not have to be dumb and full of explosions to be commercially successful.

the actors he cast were perfect and they played their roles like they were born for it. leonardo di caprio can still be counted on to deliver and he has indeed grown up from being jack. 🙂

the movie’s plot, when you think about it is very simple: planting an idea into someone’s mind through a dream so that the dreamer would ultimately think that the idea was actually his. and chris nolan has weaved an intricate story about how powerful dreams are. what we dismiss as mere creations of our subconscious are actually the building blocks of our reality.

the movie opens with a scene from someone else’s dream and the viewer is made to believe that the movie would end how it began. a lot of writers use this device to make the story interesting and mr. nolan used this in such a way that although the movie is complete when the credits roll, the ending would still be left to our interpretation.

i see a lot of discussions long after the movie has ended. and i think that is how good movies should be: and escape and at the same time can fuel intellectual discussions.

when i said the casual movie goer would not be alienated, i meant that even though this is a ‘thinking’ movie, the viewer would not be hard pressed to figure out what this movie is all about. half-way through the movie, one would have a pretty good grasp of what the writer would wish to convey. and since this is also a hollywood film, the producers did not scrimp on the special effects. the dreamscapes were amazing and the action sequences could rival any jerry bruckheimer production.

the movie has something for everyone. and unless you’re the type who would rather shut down your brain when watching a movie, ‘inception’ would not really give you a hard time thinking. but it would certainly open ideas.

go see it, twice even. 🙂

“What’s the most resilient parasite? An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules. “- Dom Cobb, Inception




i was never really looking forward to see this movie, but being gay, i felt that it was my obligation to watch movies with singing and dancing in it. go figure.

this remake never should have happened. i guess this was an indulgence gone wrong. the people who were supposed to sing, didn’t, those who were supposed to dance, can’t and those who were supposed to act looked like the didn’t even go through auditions at all. yes, the movie is THAT bad.

here are my MAJOR gripes about the movie:

the characters weren’t given the chance to develop and grow up, after all, the movie spans four years and there were a lot of growing up to do in high school, right? this didn’t happen here, at the end of the movie, the characters were as boring as they were when the movie started.

the writer and the director seemed to have a hard time weaving the production numbers into the movie’s storyline. and although the cast didn’t break into a song every now and then (except for the first part, which was the only good thing in the movie), the musical numbers didn’t make sense and lacked relevance.

the movie is pointless. and the saddest fact is, the main theme was only performed when the credits rolled along with the bloopers.

there really is nothing to be excited about this movie. the actors were bad, the songs were so-so and the production numbers lacked luster. this is the case where the trailer was better than the movie itself.

but if you really want to watch it, i suggest that you wait for the bootleg dvd copy. 🙂 it’s cheaper and you would always have the option to push ‘stop.’