feet on the ground

i am more than capable of keeping myself sane. i have been walking this planet for more than two decades and i have mastered the art of hiding my version of insanity from the rest of the world.

but there are times when i need a sounding board and my blog just wouldn’t do, i’ve got these people to cover me:

i’m quite fortunate to have these guys around. they’re a smart bunch and i feel very comfortable when i’m around them. and the fact that at some point in my adult life i have shared a room with these folks makes the friendship, um, let’s just say, solid.

beyond drunken nights and secret keeping, these people keep me sane. they make sure i see things my myopic vision hides from me. and i guess having them around makes growing up easier.

when it comes to love and all it’s complexities, i choose to suffer alone. i do not want to burden my friends with trivial details because i know that they too have their own battles to face. wars that require more attention than some silly broken heart. but like the good people that they are, they have this uncanny sense of feeling when one is not alright. when i need someone to listen to. even if i know that what i feel may not be a problem that they need to solve, they’re there to listen.

and our auditory faculties are more effective when there’s karaoke involved. and alcohol. but since we lead separate lives, coffee would suffice.

so this is my huge thank you note to them. they have never failed to save me from the depths of crap i have managed to drag myself into.

of course, since the cofiboi is a very social creature, there’s another set of friends i would like to thank, just for being themselves. they offer no judgement, and they are very miserly when it comes to their two cents, but their presence is more than enough.

these guys are the reason why i am getting fat. and i love them for that. and i am so excited because one of them is getting married this weekend. 🙂

thanks guys, for helping me get back on track. i am getting tired of sulking and my brain cells are complaining because most of my thoughts were about HIM.  but i am now ready to smile again. and yes, i have gone through all the motions of hitting my head against the wall for my perceived stupidity.

again, thanks.