summer fling

i think i’m just about ready for a summer fling. 🙂

i’m not ready for a full-blown relationship yet. right now, i’m having fun being single.

i can go wherever and meet whomever i want. 🙂

i need something fleeting. like summer. and i don’t care if things get too hot, i’m burn-proof. haha.

this summer, i’ll make sure i date, a lot. dates and then some. i guess my trip alone to cebu gave me a new perspective; a new way of looking at what’s on my plate. i have always had a positive attitude towards life, but after falling in love with cebu, i guess you could say i’ve reached a higher level of positivity. 🙂

and yes, i think i’m due for a mature kind of dating. i have outgrown clubbing and blind dates. i’m not that young anymore, so i think i need to play in the grown-up sandbox now.

i know, summer flings are immature, but if you look at it from another angle, it’s actually a mature concept. i have accepted the fact that not all relationships last long. and you shouldn’t force yourself into committing into something or someone you’re not ready for yet. i don’t necessarily need a disposable boyfriend, but i definitely need someone. so i think the best solution is a fling. nothing serious, all fun.

and besides, it’s fun to have someone around- and pets don’t count. 🙂

so, any takers? 🙂