one more time with feelings

it’s just too bad i didn’t bring a decent camera. we turned out to be silly little tourist camwhores. ๐Ÿ™‚

i read somewhere that in order for one not to be too stressed out (from work, school or life in general), one should have at least four planned vacations each year. then i thought to myself: i already had two, i got two more to go!

right after we got back from cebu, i started making plans for singapore. i was dead set on going there, but then i realized that i’d be going back to school next semester, so my singapore plans would have to be put on hold. sigh.

there’s always next year, though.

going back, i was in cebu about two weeks ago and it was probably one of the best vacations i have ever had. and this time, unlike the last, i had my trusty tag-along friend show me around. it was amazing.

of course, i had to take the window seat. tag-along friend took the aisle. and in between us was some weird lady who had halitosis. so the flight to cebu was pretty uneventful. even the cabin crew were unattractive. bummer.

we weren’t the only tourists on board. there were europeans, americans and a lot of koreans. i think i could pass as one of them, just like the last time. but sadly, my knowledge of the korean language is way below zero. well, i could manage to say ‘hello’ and ‘i love you (like inday badiday)’ but that’s about it.

when we got to cebu, hilton arranged our transfer and we were riding in this:

first class indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

and then we were whisked to paradise:

our gratification would be delayed because we had to go to a wedding, which was about an hour away from our hotel. well, it’s not that bad, especially when we got to see this:

the bride and groom were my friends and they should be somewhere in this picture. ๐Ÿ™‚ i just loved the sunset here.

after the wedding, the tag-along friend and i joined a couple of friends from kindergarten to a not-so-kindergarten after party. and we got drunk on beer and smoothย reggae.

here’s the aftermath:

and then we got back to the hotel way past midnight. good thing there were still some cabs who were willing to take us back to the hilton considering it’s on another island. i’m not kidding.

one of the best things to do when on a vacation is to get drunk and do crazy, wild things. well, one out of two isn’t bad. right?

the fates were kind to us, tourists because we didn’t have any hangover though tag-along friend was a bit grumpy. but then morning welcomed us with a bright ray of sunshine (i sound like a commercial)

our view from our room on the 18th floor. we didn’t get the beach front room though but i’m not complaining.

let me tell you, the breakfast buffet at the hilton is AMAZING. really. and there was this mountain of bacon. with that alone, i’m sold! sorry, i didn’t get to take a picture of it though. they might think i’m a tourist. haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

then it was off to the beach, and it was absolutely gorgeous (i’m running out of superlatives here)

this shot was taken from my 3 megapixel phone camera.

on top of my list was getting a tan, just like malibu barbie’s/ken’s. and so, with my grumpy tag-along friend in tow, and my hawaiian tropic tanning lotion (i didn’t get the nivea tanning oil, apparently all stores in manila run out of them), i embraced the cancer-causing sun rays and really soaked up the sun.

thats me before i took off the black ‘sando’

and fortunately for us, there was this noontime show themed company outing in the background so we got to enjoy the beach watching three kids dancing to the ‘nobody’

it was freaky, but hey, we had entertainment.

grumpy tag-along friend said that you haven’t been to cebu until you have tried SUTUKIL, and try i did.

well, it was nothing fancy but i guess there’s something about eating obscene amounts of seafood while on vacation. diet is the first one out of the window. his words, not mine. i am not on a diet, never have been. i am actually trying to gain more weight.

and pigging out was the order of the day. i even got to eat clams!

i know, the thing looks weird, but i generally don’t eat shellfish. but since i’m on vacation, i would make this an exception.

of course, our pink hotel experience isn’t complete without us, riding on the iconic pink jeepney. how redundant. ๐Ÿ™‚

i am such a tourist. well, i’m not the only one who has his picture taken with the pink jeepney, my grumpy tag-along friend has one too. but i don’t think he’s willing to come out as a tourist yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

the ayala mall in cebu quaint. just like the malls we have here in manila, but of course, i had to have my picture taken. for posterity’s sake, of course.

of course after this shot was taken, all i wanted to do was to jump in. but we didn’t do that. we had one more place to go to before we eat cebu’s famous lechon.

grumpy tag-along friend, being the tour guide, suggested that we visit my ancestors and pay our due respects. i thought we were going to a cemetery.

we went to the taoist temple instead (whew). although it’s a major tourist attraction. there’s really nothing to see there except for temples and stone statues of chinese gods. i’m chinese, but i don’t speak the language. all german to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

do i look like a tourist to you?

and after ringing my bell…

we decided to head on back. but not before saying goodbye to my new found friend (and i think grumpy tag-along friend got jealous)

awww, he wants me to stay…

we spent two nights at the hilton and then moved on to another hotel because we felt like we needed one more night. we weren’t ready to go home yet. and cebu wasn’t going to let us go home without giving us this beautiful sunset:

sigh, i could live here forever

and the hotel wasn’t bad at all. it was in fact, cute. not as grand like the hilton, but it had it’s charms.

four days isn’t enough. i wanted to stay there longer. like forever.

but then we had to go back. back to our sandless, beachless daily lives.


one more time, with feelings

i think the first automated elections is going pretty well. my folks and i are tuned in to the tube and waiting for the results with crossed fingers.

but enough of that, twitter is overflowing with tweets an retweets of the elections. don’t get me wrong, i am looking forward to the results. this would spell our fate as a nation for the next six years.

one thing i’m looking forward to, other than the election results, would be my cebu trip. yes, i’m going back to the city i have fallen in love with.

and for three glorious days, i’ll be staying here:

and i’ll be getting there from the airport in this:

of course, i’d be doing something important there. like attend a wedding. and that’s going to be here:

so yeah, i’m excited.

i love cebu and i love traveling. and i have officially dubbed this year as ‘cofiboi’s year of travel’. after cebu? well, i’m setting my sights on this cute creature:

yay! ๐Ÿ™‚