one more time, with feelings

i think the first automated elections is going pretty well. my folks and i are tuned in to the tube and waiting for the results with crossed fingers.

but enough of that, twitter is overflowing with tweets an retweets of the elections. don’t get me wrong, i am looking forward to the results. this would spell our fate as a nation for the next six years.

one thing i’m looking forward to, other than the election results, would be my cebu trip. yes, i’m going back to the city i have fallen in love with.

and for three glorious days, i’ll be staying here:

and i’ll be getting there from the airport in this:

of course, i’d be doing something important there. like attend a wedding. and that’s going to be here:

so yeah, i’m excited.

i love cebu and i love traveling. and i have officially dubbed this year as ‘cofiboi’s year of travel’. after cebu? well, i’m setting my sights on this cute creature:

yay! 🙂