My mind is like untrimmed pubic hair: a little dark and bushy.

Like an abstract painting where there’s so much going on yet nothing is happening.

Inside my head you travel in a car without a steering wheel. You go way past the speed limit and everything is a blur. Yet slow enough to see the highlights.

To your left you see my unfinished college degree. You can almost see the topmost level yet like an abandoned railway project, my degree stops abruptly.

Further down the winding road of indecisiveness, to your right you see countless of unfulfilled promises I have made to myself: quit smoking, go back to school, travel, change.

Over the horizon, the muddy shores of my self-pity beckons. You can wallow and stay for a while. Cover yourself in self-doubt. Bathe in the grimy pools of resignation.

Right smack in the middle of my gory, twisted mind is the big top of an over-inflated ego. Poke holes in it and still it stands. Towering over the mess that is my life.

This is my world now.

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