some people put a premium on it. relationships last because of it. workplaces thrive on it. unfortunately, some companies think of it as a trivial commodity; relegated to the desperate, the uninspired, lacking in value, the stagnant ones.

what some fail to realize is that loyalty is an investment in itself. for individuals to devote their time and energy nurturing the relationship with an organization (which apparently is lopsided, at times one-sided) requires heart and passion.

loyalty is never built-in. it is earned, gained and should be valued. beyond the customary cards and certificates of appreciation, loyalty should be celebrated. leaders should not expect loyalty, for loyalty is earned.

i work in a dynamic industry: ever-changing and always fast-paced. the toll it puts on one’s body and mind is so great but are most often relegated to the sidelines. “comes with the territory” as some would say.

and that’s exactly my point. my work is stressful enough as it is, that each milestone, little as it may be is an achievement. and achievements ought to be celebrated.

it is highly disheartening to see that after years AND years of doing beyond what is expected, all one gets is a gold-plated pin unceremoniously handed without even a sugar-coated “thank you for your loyalty, you are highly appreciated and the work you do is always part of our success” quip.

makes me wonder, if i have placed my loyalty somewhere else, would it be the same too?

UPDATE : I’m still waiting for that pin.


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