Lose Yourself

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“In these pages I lose myself. Every chapter a road, a path to an adventure my mind willingly takes. I walk through the alleys, rooms, highways and stairwells. And I cry and laugh and sigh”- cofiboi

Suspended disbelief, that’s what some call it. Most writers use this effectively and the voracious reader that I am, gobble it all up- hook, line and sinker.

Reading has been more than a hobby for me. It has become a source of inspiration. I get pleasantly surprised with the works of unknown writers whose talent is only given justice between the pages of their published work. I do not look at the world’s best seller lists. I prefer to go to second hand book stores and rummage through the piles of used and read books- which is an adventure in itself- and find worthwhile reads and ultimately be amazed at the authors’ deft writing.

One of the first few books I’ve read which made a lasting impression on me was Jane Heller’s ‘Cha, Cha, Cha.’ Based on the cover, one might dismiss it as your ordinary run-off-the mill ‘chick-lit’ but when you start to get into the meat of this witty thriller, you’ll find out that the author is extremely talented. Her scathing lines equals those of Dexter Morgan’s sarcasm.

Another source of inspiration comes from Peter Straub and Stephen King’s ‘The Talisman.’ I remember seeing this fantasy heavyweight from a friend’s library. One of the best collaborations I’ve read so far. This book is the type of novel that needs to be put down from time to time in order for the reader to absorb the richness of the narrative and to process the intricate realities the authors have woven. I still get goose bumps when I think about those sleepless nights when I was reading the book. It’s so vast and mind-boggling and all you can do is marvel at the sheer talent the authors have.

And when I grew up and life got in the way, reading was the farthest thing from my mind. Replaced with life’s trivialities and adulthood.

But just like Alice, down the rabbit hole I went- again. Reading has become second nature to me. It empowered me to be more creative, to see the world not just through rose-colored glasses but in a blinding stained-glass kaleidoscope.

And where my feet fails me to travel great distances, reading makes me fly.


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