chapter one

of vampires and werewolves

and warlocks and witches and wizards

of bold knights and evil kings and damsels in danger

of warriors and princes and the evil old stepmother

the pages crack

and the dust settles

in the playground, penned by the greatest minds

and read by eager schoolboys


chapter two

of love found and lost

of undulating bosoms and raging manhoods

of young affection, like the dewy spring

of men and women

and spies and secrets

of cloak and dagger

notes written on the edges

all dog-eared and stained


chapter three


of resolution and whodunnit

of mystery and crime

corruption, hate and death

of history, revolution, freedom and ultimately, redemption

we choose our heroes not of black and white

but of grays and blurred alliances


chapter four


of happy endings

of cliffhangers

we bid our journey fare thee well

the hero gets the girl

the villain dies

the country is freed

the president is saved

the mystery is solved

and in our head, the adventure continues



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