morning dew

the sun hid behind the dark clouds

and so it rained this morning

the drops hugging the window

the wind, cold like a deep sigh of sorrow

my cheek, pressed against the glass

looking out, thinking our what was once was

fleeting like the morning dew

my hands grasping at the memories of you

vanishing the cold, unforgiving air

til there was none left but my lonely stare

my body slightly shivers and i hug myself

for there is no one else but me, in this dark gloomy morning

i linger, hoping the sadness dissipates

like the summer rain




9 thoughts on “morning dew

    1. took me so long to respond to this comment. i am left speechless.
      i was trying to look at my work through fresh eyes and honestly, i don’t think it’s something extraordinary.

      but do not get me wrong, getting compliments from someone like you makes me think that i am really on to something here. 🙂

      1. No biggie. I always make it a point to look at writings without thinking of who wrote it so as not to influence my judgment. Just keep on writing, sir. Keep it up and rising!

  1. hey!!! loosen up! 😀 grab some sunshine!!! 😀 ahahaha!!! baka seasonal affective disorder lang yan.. 😀

    peace!!! 😀

    smile. happy thoughts.

    1. hahaha, i was thinking of the same thing as well.
      this season, i will be a sunflower, i turn my head towards the sun and soak up all the good vibes.

      happy thoughts!

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