scattered letters

by the window, there’s a box

covered in dust, sitting in silence

i reach for it, slightly holding back

afraid of what it might do

of what i might see

the key feels heavy in my pocket, like lead

like something that is dead

i took a step back, unsure of what’s next

summing up the courage to turn the key

afraid of what i might do

the afternoon sky quietly fades into sunset

the box, on my lap remains unopened

they key, now sweaty in my palm lay still

i smell the lacquered wood, the dust and the memories

i turn the key, creaking as i go

and the sun rosy as it was held its breath for me

letters, stacked upon each other

papers yellowed, like wisps of memories

came flooding through my consciousness

i steady myself, willing not to let the tears fall

i have hidden all of these deep in the crevices of my heart

i read them, like a eulogy, sending my emotions to the grave

and in every page, in every stroke, i see your face

and i remember, everything i remember

for the last time, i remember.



6 thoughts on “scattered letters

  1. hai cofiboi.. been a long while since i dropped by… i have a new wordpress home for now..

    nice blog… i’ll go for the key word “key”… it is there for you to lock that box.. 😀

    i feel for you anyway. 🙂

    1. thanks for dropping by! 🙂
      and yes, i have visited your new home and updated my links.

      this poem was borne out of boredom really. i had this long-winded conversation about past relationships with someone and decided to write something about it.
      you’re right, the key is always there, but for a masochist like i am, i sometimes find myself getting that key out and opening that box.

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