tell me

what secrets do you keep?

what lies behind those eyes?

the words hidden behind your lips?

what thoughts hide in your fertile mind?

i want to know

the secrets, your secrets, your story

the truths and the lies you carry

locked in your heart, never to see the light

but i need to know

i want to know

tell me the words you do not utter

but say in the loneliness of the night

tell me, the meaning of your smile

the reason why

you hide things, you keep things

tell me the whys

and the reasons for the things that keep you sane

i want to know

because i know, your secrets will save me



13 thoughts on “secrets

  1. jedi!!!!!!!!! mishu na! hahaha.

    aaaawww. wala ako ma-say. bakit kasi ayaw pa sabihin no? kung bet ka din nya? ahaha. sorry at wala akong kwenta today. basag!

  2. wla akong ma say.. mganda… visit lng po sa site mo.. synga pla pde b mkipag link exchange? kung ok lng.. slmat. and you can visit my site also.. thanks

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