vanilla moon

i remember

because my heart would not let me forget

the smell of you on me

your breath that tickled my ear

your fingers softly brushing the dreams away from my eyes

like sunlight

when day breaks

i remember the curve of your back

when i pull you close

closer than any man has ever been

your sweat, like dew on my lips

slow rush, dancing to the music in our heads

playing over and over and over

i remember your kiss

that salty aftertaste when our lips part

and you cover my mouth again, panting, hungry, devouring my soul

breaking down my wall, my defenses, crossing through my moat with ease

i remember

because my heart would not let me forget


9 thoughts on “vanilla moon

  1. Bigla ko naisip, nasa utak kasi ang memory. Nasa utak kasi kung makakalimutan natin ang isang bagay o hindi. Pero ang puso, pag dun ka naglagay ng memory, hindi ata nakakalimot kasi wala naman siyang ganung powers.

      1. Me too! Wala na ko work di man lang tayo nagkita. Anyway kambal thanks for the greetings. :]

  2. It only goes to show that I’ve been gone too long, I lost track. Sorry I wasn’t there when you needed someone to slap you in the face and tell you it’s going to be alright.

    But in the end who am I to act like I’m some kind of a good friend when I’m really not?

    But I know for a fact that you are a strong person, and whatever you go through, you use for learning. 🙂

      1. Hey, Jed. I’m good as well. IDK. I guess I’m just not into blogging anymore.

        Unless I find inspiration to write again, no?

        But IDK. I guess I just have to leave it that way. :))

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