my stupid mouth

will stop talking, won’t say anything at all.

i get into more trouble the second i open my mouth and talk about you. and of course, i do not want to be caught with my foot in my mouth when the time comes where everything falls apart.

not that i’m thinking negatively, i’m just being pragmatic. and logical.

i’m sorry my dear readers if this post reads like a diary entry. i feel like this is the only place where my thoughts are welcome, safe and ‘unjudged.’

and i guess this is just something fleeting. and maybe i was just too caught up in the novelty of someone new that i refused to push the break pedal until i was over the edge. thankfully i am back in control and relegating my  stupid and lovestruck self in the backseat.

i do not want this to be another one of my sad stories. although i’m not at all hopeful. let’s just say i’m a little bit more careful. i don’t regret my drunken declaration, i take full responsibility for it. it made me realize where i’m at and figure out how to work this one out.

so i’d stop talking and sharing too much. i have laid out all my cards and although a move from you would be appreciated, it is not expected. sometimes, expectations can lead to disappointments. and i don’t think i have enough room in my life right now for such things.

mum’s the word. and i mean it.


7 thoughts on “my stupid mouth

  1. i am sorry to hear that.

    wish your mother would realize you are upto something good. i hate gawkings too. but sometimes, we do not have control over them.

    i could only wish you well, blogger.
    cheer up.

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