drunk blogging

lasing ako habang sinusulat ko to. yes, i am effin’ drunk.

but you made me smile today. welcome back. i thought i would never get the chance to talk to you again. pathetic di ba?

nakakainis nga, kasi alam ko, napaka one-sided ng situation. pero, i can’t help it eh. i like you. i seriously do. siguro kapag sober na ako, i would regret posting this. but what the heck, i felt like i NEED to post it eh.

bakit nga ba? why did i think that i need to post something as pathetic as this one? well, for starters, if i didn’t, i’d go crazy. i’d keep it to myself and then eventually, i need to be admitted to a mental institution.

i have to say ‘i like you’ out loud so that i would have something to hold on to.

and this is a HUGE risk i’m taking; and i’m still in two minds if this is actually a risk i’m willing to take. again, unfair kasi. because i know, I like you, pero i haven’t the slightest idea if you like me back. although i think may may vague signs, i’m still skeptic about the whole thing.

you have that something, i can’t put my finger on, but i know it’s there. you make me want to see you everyday, and talk to you, and be near to you and to feel that you might have something for me too. but again, everything’s still up in the air. i am not sure if i’m reading your signs correctly. one thing i am sure of though, is the fact that you make me feel that i am sort of special. because you are to me. yuck, kadiri lang yun.

so here i am, reduced to this pathetic doe-eyed high school kid who has a huge crush on the varsity player.

dude, i know you are WAAAAAAY out of my league. but i can’t stop myself from liking you. gawd, i hate it when i’m drunk and like this.

bawat kilos mo kasi, feeling ko, may something. pero alam ko naman na dahil i am influenced by my infatuation for you, i would tend to see the things you do for me in a different light.

siguro nga, for now, i think the only thing i could do is like you. at ayaw, and i mean this, ayaw ko kasing makisiksik pa sa buhay mong alam kong masikip na.

but here’s my drunken declartion: I LIKE YOU.


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