two years ago, i got my first tattoo. i have thought about getting one since i was in college but i only had the courage to get one a couple of years after. yes, it was painful but this kind of pain was worth it.

the very first tattoo i got was a cross with some japanese characters beside it which meant ‘powerful.’ when people ask me what these images stand for, i say that this is a statement of my faith. etched on my skin is the loudest statement of who and what i believe in.

a few months after, i got these:

three stars. honestly, i don’t know what they mean. i just got them because i think they look nice. seriously. but then again, the middle star is called a ‘nautical star’ which sailors use to guide them in the right direction. and i guess that’s what my stars mean to me. these stars make sure that whatever decision i make, it should always be in the ‘right direction.’ 🙂

so after two years, i think it’s time to add more because my stars look lonely. of course it shouldn’t be just anything random. i’ve had enough of random tattoos, i think it’s about time that i choose a design that would mean something.

although it’s still up in the air, i have browsed countless sites for inspiration and i found one:

well not exactly like in the picture, but something close to that. i have always wanted to bring my stars together, and for my forearm to be covered in ink. seriously. and i’m pretty sure i’d be getting something like this.

i’ll post the design once i made my decision. can’t wait! 🙂

p.s. i’m also of getting some on my back. if you have something in mind, share your thoughts.


12 thoughts on “inked

  1. Oh wow. We have the same tatts. Although I’ve got two, and they’re not placed in the same way. One’s like the one in the middle, while the other one is more like a North star or something. Hahaha. I was drunk when I got it. :c

  2. Cool beans.

    As long as the tattoo’s not on my body, it’s unbelievably cool B-). But if I ever did decide to have a tattoo, I’d go more for the badass-looking designs and symbols. Something Japanese or something like that, haha.

    1. i guess it’s not for everybody. 🙂
      i always think about how’d i look like when i turn 50 and have all these tattoos on my body. i would either be the coolest gramps around or a washed up rockstar. and i’m fine with either one. 🙂

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