i think i’m in love

he’s not THAT talented but he can sing play the piano and tonight, i saw him play the sax!

i think i’m in love.

muy caliente!

the whole time he was singing madonna’s ‘like a prayer’ in glee-like fashion, i thought he was singing to me! haha!

and when he came out playing the sax, my heart stopped.

marry me, markki! forget about ai-ai and kris, let’s go to canada and get married!


12 thoughts on “i think i’m in love

  1. Marami naman talagang naiinlove sa musikero. And man, he must be really good with his hands. 😉

    1. well, jovit is a better singer, but i like markki better. 🙂
      but if i were to choose (naks), i’d pick jeff canoy anytime. ano daw? haha! 🙂

      1. mismo. 🙂
        and he’s cute. i used to be a chub chaser. well, i still am, i guess.
        well, wala naman talaga akong standards… meron pala, pero hindi naman mahirap abutin.

        labo ko lang no?

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