cofiboi on hush, hush

hush, hush by becca fitzpatrick was touted to be the next ‘twilight.’ i was really hoping that this wasn’t the case when i bought the book.

i was right, it wasn’t some twilight rip-off. it was worse.

personally, i think stephanie meyer’s vampire/teenage romance novels was the worst thing that happened to young-adult fiction. when i was reading the series, i had a bottle of aspirin handy. my head hurt from hating bella and edward so much. i really don’t see the point why these books were ever written. bella’s personality was as thin as paper and the other characters are cheap imitations of anne rice’s vampires. but i read the books so that i could justify hating them. let me correct myself, i don’t hate the books, i loathe them. if there was a stronger adjective, i would’ve used it.

but i digress. this is about becca fitzpatrick’s debut into the very lucrative  young-adult fantasy/fiction genre. her book, at 391 pages long highlights the story of a teenage girl (apparently, heroines very common in this genre) named nora grey, and a mysterious (aren’t they all?) boy called patch.

reading this book was an ordeal. and it’s setting would always remind you of the places in twilight. fortunately, the similarities end there. at first, i thought that was a good thing. but halfway through the book, the reader would still be in the dark as to what the story really is. character development is nonexistent. nora, and her best friend vee (another major character in the book) sound alike, and the main antagonist in the book, the guy wearing a black ski mask, is not that interesting. and patch, the love interest sounds like a badly written goth james dean.

when the story reaches its climax and the truth is revealed, it leaves more questions and a slightly bitter aftertaste. the plot is flimsy and the author didn’t even bother to shed some light on why these events are happening.  the book can actually be summed up in one sentence: a story about a fallen angel who falls in love with a girl and wants to be human to be with the girl forever. that’s the book in a nutshell.

the plot is uninspired, boring and a total waste of time.

cofiboi says, do not but this book. but if you are really interested, try to download an ebook of this. 🙂

If torture is what you’re after, you’re better off reading Stephanie Meyer.


17 thoughts on “cofiboi on hush, hush

  1. Personally, I thought Hush Hush was a great book. I agree with you on the whole twilight thing. twilight sucks so much I wont even bother capitalizing it. But Hush Hush was an exceptable book. The plot was larger than you think. Patch and Chauncey were after Nora because to become human they had to kill their vessel body. It took so long because there a lot of chauncey descendants. They needed to find the right one. Once patch found Nora he needed to get her to trust him. Re-read the book dude. Don’t just skim, actually read the book. Pay attention to every detail.

  2. Im sorry but while reading this…i was ready to punch something :I

    Hush Hush is one of my most favorite books ever. Jeezus.

    1. I totally agree with you on this! Saying that Hush hush is only about a fallen angel wanting to be human to date a human girl, is the same as saying Harry potter is about a wizard going to a wizard school! Absolutely wrong! Hush hush is a beautiful and amazing story, which deals with real life problems, as well as a dark sexy fallen angel! It’s freaking beautiful!
      And cmon! You can’t relate Nora Grey to Bella Swan! That’s bullshit!
      Moral of the story, this review is wrong and biast, and hush hush is the perfect book!

  3. I didn’t like how Nora and Patch’s relationship seems purely physical. And He was in love with a human girl before, then he had that angel woman as his ex girlfriend, then he’s in love with Nora. And he’s always cracking sexual comments. The relationship doesn’t sound like love. At some points it was like just reading a cheesy attraction.

  4. omg!! dude!!!! you can’t be that harsh on a book that you’ve barely read! in the future pay attention to the book you’re reading don’t just sleep through it.

  5. I’ve gotta say -Harsh dude.

    I gotta say, Twilight was alright when I read it, and since the movies came out I just started not liking it so much :I

    But, Hush Hush?

    My FAVOURITE romance book, like, EVER.

    Reading this made me want to cry. Seriously.

    When you decide to review a book, actually READ IT. Don’t just skin through.

    If you are going to judge every book similar to Twilight like this, FIND SOMETHING ELSO TO DO.

  6. surely you know nothing of books to compare Twilight with Hush Hush little stupid is an insult not to do to make your book look and will not be half as interesting or the romance of Nora & Patch asshole like you know some literature and apart have nothing to do if you took the time to read them all and stop saying useless opinions to the world many people will appreciate it so when you make a book better than the bitch let me know Becca Fitzpatrick

  7. that is really mean. she worked so hard on that book! And it’s like my faverite. your really mean to Becca Fitzpatrick and all of her fans, because you just offended them all.

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