cofiboi, the bookworm

i bought two books yesterday and i’m done reading one.

i bought becca fitzpatrick’s ‘hush hush’ and michael scott’s ‘the alchemyst’

i posted a status message on facebook that i was planning to buy books and was needing suggestions. a couple of friends replied with interesting titles. and of course, like the good sleuth that i am, i googled one of the titles and i got this:

interesting cover, huh?

will tell you all about the book once i get over my newfound hatred for the author and her chosen genre. yes, the book is THAT bad. do not, i repeat, do not buy this book. i should have read the reviews first before shelling out a couple of hundred pesos.

i will try to be objective. but i can’t right now, so my review would have to be delayed.

good thing michael scott is there to convince me that the young-adult fiction genre is more than bella and edward. i’m halfway through the first book in his nicholas flamel series and so far i am liking it.

and once i’m done reading, i’ll post my thoughts here. 🙂

so far, this book looks promising. 🙂


7 thoughts on “cofiboi, the bookworm

  1. The Alchemyst looks like something I’d like. It’s been a while since I’ve read any kind of fantasy novels. No idea where the good stuff is in that genre. Seems very readable too so I can probably finish it in a week, and, if I did enjoy the first instalment, might try the next ones as well.

    Will get to it as soon as I finish this Anne Rice novel that seems to be taking me months, the way I’ve been reading it haha.

  2. made a mental note: to read the alchemyst.

    these days, especially when work and school are keeping me hell busy, i enjoy easy and light reads, those type of books you could read while memorizing something. lol.

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