cofiboi think he’s in love

i’m not even going to stop it. i would let myself fall. no matter what the consequences are, i’m ready for ’em.

and to you, thanks. i’ve never felt this way in a long time. 🙂

i’ve been hearing this song in my head since last time we saw each other.

this is jennifer hudson’s “if this isn’t love”


14 thoughts on “cofiboi think he’s in love

    1. well, i think so.
      sabi nga sa kanta: “if this isn’t love?/ tell me what it is/ i could be dreaming or just plain crazy”
      i know i’m not crazy (not the textbook definition kind anyway), and i know i’m not dreaming so this might really be love. 🙂

  1. Never interchange love with lust.

    Always remember we are always in love kambal, and not necessarily it has to be with someone else.

    1. you make perfect sense. 🙂

      i just figured i got so much love to give around. 🙂

      and i just got this from an anonymous texter (may ganun): “to love someone doesn’t mean to force a commitment. sometimes, you just have to be satisfied with whatever connection you have…”

  2. love is such a complex thing…grabe…kakadagdag sa stress ng everyday life. however, it’s makes your eyes roll indicative of SATISFACTION beyond your understanding and imagination.tell me now if I’m wrong…ahihihihi

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