the written word

i like to read. i read a lot of things: books, manuals, blogs, the back of cereal boxes, graffiti,  street signs, any thing that would have words on it.

like many other kids with overacheiving parents, summer reading was required, on top of vacation bible school and other summer classes. so i learned to appreciate books at a young age.

i never liked those picture books. i have always felt dumb when i read them. i mean i can read the words and i can see them in my mind, no need to have pictures splattered all over the page to prove a point. but i guess i’m not as visual as most people.

one of the very first books i remember reading was a collection of russian short stories. and one of the stories that stood out was the story of baba yaga. she was this witch who was neither good nor evil. she was the first ‘gray’ character i read about.

i am fascinated by folk tales from other cultures because it allowed me to take a peek into their collective psyche. and although i may not be able to fully understand them, i am still able to reconcile their actions because of their beliefs.

i read a lot when i was a kid. and when i went to college, i always made it a point to go to those thrift stores where they sold second-hand books. i never really cared who the author was or the genre, as long as i read the blurb and it sounds good, then i’d buy it. and besides, these books are cheap.

i remember reading this novel by jane heller called ‘cha cha cha.’ it was a very light read but what i remember the most was how sarcastic the whole book really was. and then that’s how i started dreaming about being an ‘angsty’ writer. but then a friend introduced me to jessica zafra and my dreams were snuffed out just like that.

so i just decided to be a reader. and although i have attempted to write fiction at times, i found my writing style too amateurish. i’d rather keep a blog than write a manuscript. 🙂

so last night before having dinner at some mexican place, i decided to buy the second dexter novel by jeff lindsay. i loved the first one and i loved the series, i am positive i will like this installment too.


19 thoughts on “the written word

    1. syempre, ang tagal kong nagreply sa comment mo. pasensya na, mahirap kasing i-google ang kahulugan ng iyong mga sinabi. 🙂

      at natuwa naman ako, dahil isa na pala ako sa iyong kamaskara. 🙂

      1. ahaha! pansin ko nga ..cofiboi.. hahaha!! at talagang ginu google mo pa ah?..

        ewineis.. uu! hindi na po ako nagpaalam..

        nilagay na lang kita ng basta basta sa blogroll ko.. pasensiya na ah?.. nakulitan lang ako sa mga sulat mo, kaya kita nilagay dun. hahaha!!!

      2. hahaha! salamat, salamat. di mo naman kelangan magpaalam. 🙂

        at dahil din dyan, nasa blogroll na rin kita. 🙂

        as always, salamat sa pagdalaw. 🙂

  1. I remember bob ong telling his story about his early reading days, he cried “bahay!” when it should have been “kubo”, he just based it on the picture he saw, lol. Gustong gusto ko basahin nun yung comic strip sa wrapper ng bazooka.

    1. nahanap ko na siya! although his last post was posted way back january 1st. i like him already! 🙂

      but there’s a bit of a problem, i have to wipe the drool off my monitor because he is THAT good.

      and oh, dare i say it? i might have developed a little crush!

      of course i’m kidding. 🙂 but he is GOOD.

  2. How did Jessica Zafra put you off from writing? Is it because of her sardonic comments or is it because she is that good?

    I too dreamt of writing fiction stories as well but I am not that well-read. The best I can do is, just stick to blogging. Haha.

    Any book recs?

    1. when i first read her twisted series, i was like ‘okay, i will never be THAT good’ so i just stopped writing anything for a long time.
      i also had this silly dream of getting published, i wrote a book for a friend once, but that was eons ago.

      hmmm…. you have probably read more books than i have. 🙂
      i tend to read mainstream stuff. 🙂

  3. i remember that baba yaga book. creepy looking illustrations. and i think i too have read that ‘cha cha cha’

    well, i grew up with you (almost like since birth) so waddya expect.

    the percentage of people who live to love books (that to live in a library is a dream), i fear, is dwindling. so let’s populate and/or propagate our species guys. God save us all.☺

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