i blame you

i blame you for making me feel this way

i blame you for letting me think that it could be possible

i blame you for this vagueness

i blame you for a lot of things

well, it’s not all your fault. i think i am to be blamed as well. well, sort of.

this is a classic case of me biting off more than i could chew. i never expected to have these feelings and thoughts about you again. but i opened the door and invited you in.

and i guess it’s all on me. i read between the lines too much. even if there is nothing there to read. and i blame myself for conjuring up these crazy scenarios in my head that left me expecting too much.

am i headed towards another heartache? i don’t think so, but if i don’t do anything about this, i am well on my way to brokenheartsville.

oh well, nobody dies from a broken heart, might as well risk it.

and yes, i blame you.


9 thoughts on “i blame you

    1. alam mo, mantra/motto ko yan. 🙂

      i always wear my heart on my sleeve kase. so i guess i’m used to getting hurt- not that i like it. it’s just that i know that getting hurt is part of the process.

      and i don’t want to do things half-heartedly. banat lang ng banat! 🙂

  1. Err. Well. Okay.


    I feel divided about this. I think kasi, when we fall in love, it is always OUR decision. No matter the end result, we cannot put blames. Pero siguro, there’s something wrong with my thinking.

    Ah ewan. Hahah. Basta, sana, okay ka. 🙂

    1. haha, i know that slaveboi. 🙂

      i guess i’m just making excuses for myself (ang immature lang di ba?). ayoko kasi munang ma-inlove. too complicated.
      pero in my case, heart wins over brain most of the time. kainis lang.

      and don’t worry, imma be okay. been there, done him. haha!:-)

      btw, i emailed you na rin. sa gmail ka pala nag-email. haha.

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