love story

i’m a sucker for shallow, unrealistic love stories. they all make love seem so effortless.

i was bored and i was just trying to kill time when i happened to read a very sappy gay love story. the plot was predictable: gay boy meets straight guy, gay boy falls in love for straight guy, straight guy gets confused then ends up falling for gay guy and they all end up happy.

yes, i read those kind of stuff. i know, at my age i should be reading meatier, more realistic, socially relevant stories. but reading these stories, pathetic as they are, are my guilty pleasures. i like reading them because it just goes to show how myopic some gay writers are and apparently, they can still dupe people like me into liking their stories.

my love stories aren’t as colorful.Β  they don’t involve confused straight guys. more often than not, my love stories (yes, i have a lot to share) involves pain, suffering and a lot of bitterness. but the good thing about that is i have learned to distinguish fact from fiction. what really happens when people fall in love and when they fall out of it. what makes a relationship go downhill. what happens when somebody leaves and what happens when someone is left behind to pick up all the shattered pieces.

so i read shallow love stories. because they remind me that love, in reality is not some huge romantic movie. there’s no big hollywood kiss in the end. there’s no one else to save the day and you have to work really hard to make a relationship work.

reading these sugar-coated love stories feels like i’m wearing beer goggles: everyone is attractive and all situations are ideal. and in my opinion, we need to wear those goggles sometimes. these stories make me feel young-er. πŸ™‚

they remind me of the days when i had my love story planned out. the days when i wished that love, like life, would come with a manual.

i like reading those stories maybe because there’s that little hope inside me that maybe, just maybe, i’d have one of those too. teehee. πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “love story

  1. What’s the book? Or is it a film?

    From time to time, I indulge myself with a cliched gay-themed film, no matter how awful it seems. The boy-meets-boy, the promiscuous guy who can’t seem to get enough cocks XD, the gay couple trying to have kids with either a lesbian couple or a close friend, the closeted gay man, the narrow-minded Christian parents, you name it. Deep down, I just want that to happen to me as well. The romantic boy-meets-boy part, I mean :P.

    Maybe, that’s why I am also such a sap for old Hollywood romantic films. Even though the couples are all hetero, their films are all basically catered to the gays. πŸ˜€

    Hey, at least, you’ve gone through it all. That means something. Even though they didn’t literally sweep you off your feet, it happened and just thinking of all those possibilities is romantic enough.

    1. i actually read it online. πŸ™‚

      and you’re right, thinking about what could have happened is romantic. πŸ™‚

      trivial, but romantic nonetheless.

  2. We all believe in our own version of a fairy tale, may it be a rags to riches or a prince sweeping a princes off her feet…

    And all of us believe of course that love is out there waiting for us. Belief is a cruel and beautiful thing, but the fact that we believe is what makes us human and what makes us live…

    1. “Belief is a cruel and beautiful thing, but the fact that we believe is what makes us human and what makes us live…”
      so true. πŸ™‚

      thanks for visiting!

  3. Alam mo, mali kasi talaga na merong konsepto ng fairy tales e. Kasi kahit matatanda na tayo e naniniwala pa rin tayo sa ganun. T.T

      1. Haha, ako up to know (LMAO) naniniwala pa rin sa ideal love. SHet.

      2. Dont worry. Darating siya. Hehe. πŸ™‚ Darating yung para satin, diba beks?!

      3. πŸ™‚ At least may kasama ako with the same ideas. Haha! Kakatapos ko lang umiyak ulit haha!

  4. I indulge myself in sappy love stories once in a while. It makes me feel better. It makes me believe in love. πŸ™‚ What’s so wrong with that? πŸ˜‰

  5. absolutely nothing, slaveboi. πŸ™‚

    by the way, i’m going back to cebu next month. can’t help it, i have fallen in love with the place. πŸ™‚

  6. sometimes we need to be at that fiction story to make us feel good cuz in my case I am already awake so the reality is I cant go back to those times when he is still my pricey ayyyyyy…….miss that.
    (trainer Jed its me Sigrid)

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