i have yet to post my cebu adventure, partly because i haven’t uploaded the pictures yet. 🙂

anyway, this poem has been running through my already overcrowded head the past few days and i think i have to write this down lest i forget it. 🙂

this is for my black russian, who happened to be white. 🙂

the touch of your sun-kissed skin burns mine

your sweat fuels the burning rumbling deep inside

in smooth, fluid motions you swept me off my feet

i run my fingers through your sandy blonde hair and sigh

you smiled, that wicked, naughty smile

the smile that won me over

when you said hello

as we lay on the sand and watch the sun set

i’m nestled in your arms, like a baby

i look at you, but you look away

then, like the surf lapping at the shore

you plant kisses

sweet kisses

long, breathless kisses

leaving me gasping for air

your strong arms encircling me

then you whispered: “let’s”

i answered yes


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