cofiboi goes to cebu!

i’ve got my bags packed and i am so ready to go. i still have a few things i need to buy though, but those are little things. i’m crossing my fingers that the mall would still be open today, with the holy week and all.

my friend sent me an email the other day with a list of good places to eat in cebu. so i think i might be pigging out there. 🙂 works for me.

of course i will get that nice tan folks at work would be talking about. haha.

i’ll see you guys next week!


5 thoughts on “cofiboi goes to cebu!

  1. thanks for the well wishing for my new baby. by the way, I am so happy for your trip to Cebu. Blog more about it so that when it’s time for me to go to Cebu, I wouldn’t find fitting in difficult anymore. I don’t want cute, I want a GWAPONG cebuano. Just like, you said, it takes one to know one so it better to worth the wait, Holy Week pa naman nagpipigil ako. ahahaha.Kidding. By the way, my mom is Cebuana so I’m a half cute cebuano/half alluring antiqueno(and I am not stepping on your parade ha. 🙂
    Take care

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