thank you note

all you said was hi

but it meant the world to me

your timing was perfect

like clockwork

but this time, unexpected

i wanted to put my arms around you

just to say thanks

but i held back, and smiled instead

you asked me how i was

i said i’m fine

your face wanted to say ‘okay’

but then you reached for my hand and said

‘tell me what’s wrong’

i almost cried, but tears failed me

we sat in silence, but you understood every unspoken word

somehow you felt i needed someone

i’m grateful that it’s you

thank you for keeping me company

because i needed that

i needed someone like you

you have to go

and i understand

when me meet again

i’ll be your ear


4 thoughts on “thank you note

  1. can I say thank you to you too? But before I do so, can you also be that person with a lending ear?

    Love this post. ❤

    1. Too many things to say but cannot start. But im glad finding someone that I may be able to talk with in the future if in case I cant carry much of these load anymore. 🙂

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