a dubliner finds a new home

my fellow trainers used to tease me about my station. they said that for a ‘bigger-than-life’ person like i am, my workstation looks the opposite. they said it lacked my personality.

well, i am not a sentimental person. in music yes, but when it comes to tangible things, i don’t get too attached (this sentence needs some serious editing). most of the time, my work station is swamped with stacks of paper, pens all over and coins, lots of ’em. my desk is pretty cluttered. i am a huge proponent of the chaos theory. 🙂

my in-out tray won’t fit my desk and frankly, i don’t know what to do with it since my outlook serves the same purpose. to give you an idea how my desk looks like, i took a picture of it (after i have removed all the clutter of course):

as you can see, my desk is quite cramped. i have two screens, and to my right is my desk phone. not much space for an in-out tray or for pictures even. i don’t even have a desk calendar! and if let’s say i’m handling a class, this desk would be really cluttered. sometimes i can’t even find my mouse!

and my desk has been that way for the longest time. i’m not a design guru and as long as my desk serves it’s purpose, i didn’t see the need to change it or make it fancy.

but now, since i have more time (more time than usual, anyway) on my hands, i was toying on the idea of having a minor desk makeover. 🙂

make it more interesting. and i had no idea where to start.

good thing a friend of mine just got back from ireland and he brought something with him: my very own luck of the irish, a dubliner whom i have named dubie (doo-by).

so i guess my desk is more interesting now. haha. 🙂

and i’ve got someone to talk to if there’s no one else around (creepy).  in terms of makeovers, that’s about it, i guess. i really don’t want my desk to look like the one my grade school teacher used to have: kitschy souvenirs, person of the year mug and a photo of someone.

i’m very superstitious, i believe that the very second i put a photo on my desk would spell the end of my relationship with that person. 🙂

for now, i’m happy having dubie around.


2 thoughts on “a dubliner finds a new home

  1. I miss my desk at eP. 😦

    Dubie is cute! I used to have a bearista on my desk. According to Feng Shui, this is my unlucky year so I thought that placing a tiger bearista will hopefully reverse this.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up!

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