what i do on sundays

i usually stay in on sundays. i wake up late and most of the time i have a nasty hangover. 🙂

so i have relegated this day to be my detox day, my official rest day. and i do just that: rest and veg out. i rarely go out on sundays, except maybe when friends pester me to have dinner or coffee. i have promised myself never to have alcohol on a sunday, and so far i’ve been good on my word. 🙂

so being the lazy slob that i am, i just sit in front of my laptop and surf the net til my eyes hurt. this is also the day i download stuff. yes, i am one of those people who get a lot of things for nothing. hey, others are willing to share ’em, why not grab the opportunity, right? and yes, i am a cheapskate when it comes to music. myself and millions of other cheapskates spell the end of the recording industry as we know it.

but i’m not bothered, one artist gets doomed into oblivion, several others come out. that is why i am not a fan of anyone in particular. but i am a fan of music. i love music. if there was a soundtrack to my life it would span several albums. and i think most people are like me: we associate songs with certain parts of lives. like happy moments, being dumped, or being angry at the world. we all have our anthems.

and that’s what i do on sundays: listen to a lot of songs. and since i am a fan of all music, my choice of songs are very eclectic. i do not like one particular genre more than another, it all depends on my mood.

growing up, when my folks turn on the radio on sundays, they always listen to the old songs. of course they call it classics, but to my ears, they sounded like funeral dirges, or songs that would lead you straight to bed- to sleep. and looking back, i guess i’m a lot like my parents. i now listen to ‘old’ songs on sundays. by ‘old’ i meant songs that i grew up listening to.

the 90’s was an awesome decade for music (in my opinion). from pop to rock to everything in between, the 90’s had so many songs that i liked. i listened to pop acts from europe (and yes, i listened to the spice girls). listening to these girls now brings back geeky memories of high school (cringe).

and those boybands from europe and america. my personal favorite was take that. i’m always reminded of gloomy rainy days when i listen to them. they’re probably the gayest straight band ever. they’re music was, for me, the most mature of all the boy bands. my favorite from their songs is everything changes, an upbeat early 90’s pop song.

of course, my 90’s weren’t all about pop. i also listened to a lot of rock bands. i remember my cousin liking australia’s silverchair and and britain’s oasis. we loved oasis. people have compared them to the beatles but oasis never really reached the fab five’s popularity. in any case, you can click here to listen to my favorite song from them (stand by me). there are other rock bands i listened to of course. i also listened to the wallflowers, third eye blind, rem and of course my all time favorite, matchbox twenty. rob thomas was my guy. for me, he was a hunk and i still think of him that way. 😉

the 90’s was also all about r&b. mariah, brandy, monica and other r&b divas were big back then. so were the rappers: puff daddy and mace, will smith (the rapper who doesn’t swear), 2 pac among others. i was in high school when ‘i’ll be missing you’ came out. my good friend alexis tiuseco (the film critic who was murdered recently) introduced me to that music. and so everytime i hear this song, i would always think about him.

listening to music i grew up with makes me think about how broad the music industry really is. and also, it makes me feel old, but in a good way. because if people would check my 90’s music playlist, they would say that i got taste. 🙂

and i wasn’t just listening to foreign artists. the 90’s was also a good decade for pinoy music. we saw the rise of great pinoy rock bands like wolfgang (basti artadi is a crush), rizal underground, the teeth, parokya ni edgar and of course, the great, and i mean great band, the eraserheads. overdrive still is a part of my summer playlist. this band defined a generation. and most people my age would know who they are. and it was because of them i understood the word classic.

speaking of pinoy artists, francis magalona comes to mind. he was big in the 90’s and his song ‘mga kababayan’ is very memorable to me. because i was listening to the song when the 1992 quake happened. i would never forget that song. and if you want to listen to it again, click here. then there was also andrew e and other pinoy rappers who followed suit.

on lazy sundays, i am a youtube troll. i try searching for songs from my childhood. i really don’t know why i listen to these seemingly old songs. i guess you could say i’m a sentimental person. i want to go back to a time where i didn’t have to think about work, taxes, the election, poverty, people from work, and all other things that make growing up boring.

i listen to these artists and their songs because i feel like a kid again. and most of the time, if i find a song i really missed, i would share it on my other addiction: crackbook, er, facebook.

i’m like my folks in a way. they have their radios, i have my laptop and youtube. they listen to their classics, i have mine. and speaking of classics, i just realized that the songs i like listening to on sundays are still shown on mtv, mtv classics that is. 🙂

i must be getting old i guess.

and to all the old farts out there, here’s a song that you have probably danced to gwowing up sans cable. 🙂 this one’s a classic from a japanese band called pizzicato five: sweet soul revue. happy sunday!


7 thoughts on “what i do on sundays

  1. Your friend was murdered? For real?

    Oh and same tayo, I don’t have a particular genre of interest. My choice of songs depend on my mood.

    BTW, since I haven’t listened to the radio for like two months, can you update me with some of the latest songs so that I can listen to them? 😀

    1. yeah, it was pretty brutal and senseless. he was indeed a loss. we called him egg. 😦

      i guess smart people are like that, we’re not tied down by conventions. haha. 🙂

      i’ll send you a message in facebook for the songs. 🙂

  2. Okay, first things first. Wow. I read about the death of Alexis, and I was totally shocked by it. And I really felt sorry for them and their friends and families. It was so senseless. And now I find out that you knew him. Man, I’m sorry. 😦

    And I have to admit, I also listened to the Spice Girls, albeit passingly lang. Hahaha. Never owned albums and such. But they were fun. Back in hs, my musical leanings were more of the rock and alternative side talaga because I was trying to impress this guy. LOL.

    And yes, music will always be a big part of our lives. It just makes everything more beautiful and meaningful.

    1. you’re right, eggy’s death was senseless. all of us were like, wtf? why? he was really passionate pa naman about pinoy cinema. sigh.

      and thanks for always dropping by. 🙂

  3. Call me stupid and all but did you really know Alexis Tioseco personally?

    I didn’t know anything about him before he passed away. I only learned about him in the news (as he is Canadian) but I have a fascination for cinema and an interest in film critics. Noel Vera’s another great Filipino film critic who also cares so much about Philippine cinema.

    I guess, society only fully recognizes your worth once you’re dead. Yikes. But I’m still interested in seeing some of his film articles.

    Back in the 1990s, I didn’t know much about music and I unfortunately didn’t grow up listening to the radio or Filipino songs so I pretty much only listened to Spice Girls and boy bands. Yeah, not much has changed since then since I still have a crappy taste (a bit bubblegumpop-ish and a bit pretentious) when it comes to music XD.

    1. when his family came back to manila, alexis an i became classmates in high school. we called him eggy. 🙂 you can check out criticine.com for his articles.

      and i like pop too. 🙂

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