i heart jay brannan

my friend shared this song on my wall in facebook. she called me up in the middle of my shift to tell me that she’s got the perfect song for me.

two things i found odd about the whole call: one, she doesn’t call me that often (but we are best friends); and two, the song as called ‘i want to be a housewife’ by an artist i haven’t heard of.

i was curious of course. i didn’t get the chance to hear/see it right away since i was still at work and work stuff got in the way. 🙂 and like many offices, facebook is blocked (proxy servers don’t work, unfortunately).

when i got home, i logged in right away to find one of the most beautiful yet saddest songs ever.

and i so love the ending:

“i want to be a housewife/ what’s so wrong with that?/ can’t wait to have him in my life/ cause we haven’t met…”

depressing, isn’t it?  for the full lyrics, click here.

it’s a sad, beautiful gay song. and i think i’m in love. 🙂


8 thoughts on “i heart jay brannan

  1. Oh my gosh, it’s Jay Brannan from Shortbus!

    I don’t like this particular song. I don’t care; anyone, woman, gay or not, who aspires to be just a housewife is a no-no.

    But I do love his song Soda Shop. Listen to it right now, if you haven’t yet. It’s cute. He sang it in the film Shortbus.

    Watch Shortbus as well. The sex is pretty graphic especially at the first parts but I’m sure you’re not as uptight as most, are you? 😀

    1. i have seen the movie! 🙂 yeah, the sex was graphic, especially the scene where some guy sang the star spangled banner. 🙂
      and i’m pretty open minded. 🙂

    2. Watch Salo or 120 Days of Sodom; let’s see if you’ll be able to stomach that.

      Then again, it is still a little bit tame but I think most will be shocked by the horrible content. Fascism in Italy with dictators making sex slaves of young men and women. Uh-oh.

  2. I used to tell myself: One should always be inlove that’s why one should never marry. But things change, and ideas too. I suddenly craved for a companion.

    I know it’s a gay song but I love how it’s made. 🙂

  3. im a wife.no yet a housewife

    though i’m still not that comfy with how the song goes (yaoi☺ -and my mind went graphically crazy), i still liked it ‘cuz it reminded me to thank the Powers that be for ending the “wait”. i’ve met the “he” of my life and i’m “his”.☺.

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