summer dreamin’

there’s nothing else on my mind right now but the beach.

i want to feel the sand on my toes, hear the waves gently lapping on the seashore, clear blue skies, the sun high up and the heat, that glorious heat that tickles my skin.

around this time of year, people plan their summer getaway. and i’m no different. two weeks from now, i’d be tanning myself, sipping cocktails on one of the country’s picture perfect beaches.

one of the things i hate being a grownup is that life always gets in the way of the good things. the last time i’ve been to the beach was two years ago. two years. for a beach bum like myself, that sounds like a death sentence. spending summer under the glare of the sun in a concrete jungle is never ideal. days seem to go on forever and the heat is most unwelcome.

that’s why i can’t wait to go to the beach. i don’t care how much it takes, but i just have to be on the beach. as far away from the city as possible. and i want to be on the beach with the people i feel most comfortable with. these past few days, i flooded my facebook wall with status updates about the beach, and i am just counting the days til i see myself getting drunk and having the time of my life in cebu.

i don’t usually plan these stuff, but the planning this time was a lot of fun. looking for the best rates, the perfect beach view and things to do is very exciting. 🙂

when i was a kid, i always looked forward to summer . my family would go on these road trips and spend long weekends on the beach. though all we did was just eat, dip in the sea once in a while and lounge idly on the shore, for me, it was heaven.

if i had it my way, i’d be a beach bum and stay on the beach forever. maybe i’ll do just that.

but for now, i’ll just go to the beach, put my sunglasses on, bring my trusty flip flops, and chill.

summer is indeed here.


6 thoughts on “summer dreamin’

  1. Awww, me too. I can’t wait to go to Palawan and well, make slaveboi jealous. LOL.

    But what I don’t like about the beach is the direct beam of the sunlight. Iitim ako lalo. HAHA.

    Anyway, I’ll be adding you to my list. 😀

    Tell about your trip, ne?

    1. that’s my number one goal when i’m on the beach: to be as tan as malibu barbie. haha.

      you betcha, i’ll make sure i’ll share my cebu trip with you guys. 🙂

  2. Cebu? You’ve been here? :p

    And yes, just do it! pack a bag, get on a plane, and go to a beach! 🙂 It’s worth it. And you should treat yourself once in a while.

    1. well, i’d be flying to cebu next week, alone. the people who were supposed to be with me backed out.

      oh well. i just booked a hotel and i’m sooooo ready to go. can we fast forward to next week? 🙂

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