can’t shake this feeling

i think i write better love poems when i’m not in love. 🙂

i also write good stuff when i’m mad, frustrated, hurt or disappointed at someone or something. i guess in my moments of weakness, i find inspiration.

i’m not a great writer, not even close to good, but i write because i feel that i have something to share. or it’s just that i’m bored and i have way too much time on my hands. 🙂

in any case, writing comes second nature to me, like breathing. like loving.

this song has been playing on my head since the first part of my shift. i have no idea why, but i can’t shake it off. it’s a bit old, not 90’s old, but i doubt this song would land in anyone’s ‘new song playlist.’ nevertheless, i like the hope this song brings. when i first heard it, i thought that it was a song of desperation, but then again, i turned around and realized that it is a very optimistic song.

and so, before i go to sleep and wake up to the same old boring routine, i’m going to share this one with you guys. and how i wish i can sing as good as john mayer. 🙂


5 thoughts on “can’t shake this feeling

  1. Okay, I have no idea what the song is, since it won’t play here at work. I’m guessing it’s John Mayer, coz you mentioned his name. Heheh. 😉

    And I do think you write beautifully. I especially adore your poems. 🙂

    1. see? that’s what i’m talking about, i miss important details.

      anyway, it’s john mayer’s ‘love song for no one’

      and thanks for adoring my poems. 🙂

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