cofiboi’s old stuff. 🙂 or my attempts at poetry.


drops of sweat slowly run
down my chest
and my breathing gets heavy
with each thrust

the heat that emanates from
my body hangs heavy in the room
the raw smell of passion
ignites the desires that have long lay dormant

my lungs ache to scream
but your kisses muffle my moans
you hold me in a deep, engulfing embrace
our bodies uniting in one fluid mass

we are nearing climax

yet you step away
leaving me empty
you admire your work in me
I await for you to fill me again

my desire grows stronger
and bonds with your own yearning

and we resume.


each sip, each gulp is an invitation
each stare is a sentence

you smile, coyingly
i smile back
you took another gulp
i lit a cigarette

you nod
i motion you to come over
the music is deafening but fail
to muffle the whispers
that we have been sharing

from across the room you smile again
the lights go crazy
and you are drowned in the crowd

i took a drag
blew the smoke out
turned around

and there you were again.


one, keep your head up
two, look your best
three, give it all you’ve got

be honest
show your real face
love yourself
be indestructible

walk tall
your pride drives you
be your own inspiration
you are exceptional

show the world what you can do
be the difference
work it

command yourself
be in control
unleash your potential
this is you.


2 thoughts on “rehash

  1. Goosebumps. Hot damn. LOL. 😉 I loved the words, the imagery, everything about this poem.

    “my lungs ache to scream
    but your kisses muffle my moans”

    The best.

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