i am manila

I am Manila

I am the city who’s there, but not quite. I am the city struggling to prove to the world that it’s unlike any other.

I am not as fashionable as New York or Paris but I have style.

I am not as hip and trendy as Tokyo but I am an innovator in my own way.

I may not be as free-spirited like Ibiza but I know how to have a good time.

Like many other cities, I have had my share of good and bad times and these experiences have made me the city that I am today.

I am not famous, and I am not the most beautiful city but for some reason, my exotic charms have lured people from all over the world.

They have tried to make me their own and what was left is a city devoid of identity.
I pass myself off as American, sometimes Spanish and even there are times that I think myself as Chinese. But underneath all these borrowed identities is a unique persona, my persona.

I have struggled to break free from the trappings of foreign influences, but was eventually lost because if I take them all off, I am left with nothing.

Some may think that I am a great imitator, but they got it wrong, I am a city of chameleons. My ever changing moods and looks is my identity. These make me whole.

I will never apologize for my American accent, my passion for food and romance and my Chinese looks, because these are the sum of me. I am Manila; I am the great melting pot.

My streets and churches speak European. My mass transport is, of course American. But my heart is definitely Filipino.

I am Manila, proud to be a child of the world.


6 thoughts on “i am manila

  1. LUUURRRRVVEEEE THIS! I know the world lurve is awful but I just can’t express myself any better than to say I do love this :D.

    I do tend to romanticize and criticize Manila at the same time but this pretty much is the best description for Manila with all its foreign influences, its struggle in finding its own unique identity and all that.

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