monsters, inc.- we scare because we care

i don’t remember how we ended talking about monsters but my friends and i agreed that if you stay there long enough, you’d grow claws and fangs.

it must be in the water.

where is this monster factory you might ask? well, i am not at liberty to tell you, but here’s what i can do for you, i will tell you why this ghastly transformation takes place.

i remember being idealistic once. you know, fresh out of college, i felt ready for the big, wide world. well, in a way i was. but the nobody can really prepare you for all the crazy stuff the big, wide world throws at you.

i was in my early twenties when i thought i’d join the masses in the never-ending grind in what we fondly call, work. the moment you step into one of those mechanical contraptions known as the elevator, and breathe in their brand of oxygen, thats when the mutation begins.

of course it would be subtle. and like all mutations, the changes start with your dna. like many, i started out as a humble peon. a faceless soldier, toiling in the sun. pushing rocks up the cliff and making sure the battlements would hold. i felt noble and important. then i started to notice that my skin has acquired a scale-like quality that manifests when i feel threatened. of course, i brushed it off. i do not want to be seen as a freak. soon, other changes happened. my nails started to harden and i grew fangs!

i consulted a good friend of course, one who wold never share my dirty little secret to the rest of the world. i was surprised to find out that she too was going through the changes i was. and when i found out that my vision has been enhanced as well, i started to see the trenches in a different light. the generals and other whip-wielders were transformed into beasts only read in books. any dragon slayer would have a lion’s share of the bounty if there was one on our heads.

but to tell you the truth, my transformation is anything but welcome. i still want to be ‘normal.’ but apparently, being ‘normal’ here means you have to grow claws and fangs. these are not for show, these hideous appendages are your defense against the back-stabbing arrows and the venomous poison that will be spewed on you. and you would only change when you are threatened, much like a hedgehog.

so there, the secret’s out. the only reason i am alive is because i have mutated. that’s the only way to survive in this dig eat dog world. we have now officially become, monsters inc. we scare, because we care.


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