youtube famous!

youtube-celebrity-guys-funny-tshirt-300-close-up-705983i am a youtube troll. i go to the site to look for something and i end up watching videos that are remotely related to my search. i have a penchant of digressing, and it shows in the hours i spent on youtube. although it’s not as addicting as facebook, youtube still manages to lure me in.

in all of my hours spent watching viral videos and vlogs (video blogs), i realized that fame comes easy these days. you don’t even have to audition and get trashed by judges like simon. all you have to do is grab a handy-dandy cam, record and upload. and if you’re lucky, ellen or oprah might happen to see your grainy work and invite you and boom! stardom!

i’m not saying that talents who get ‘discovered’ through youtube are no less talented than the stars who went through the old school way- you know, going through auditions and casting calls and all the leg-work.

technology it seems, cut the legwork in half. and that’s a good thing. youtube has made it possible for people from a country like ours to have a more level playing field, and that’s huge.

a good case in point would be charice pempengco. this talent show runner-up was seen on youtube and is well on her way to stardom. she wasn’t even known here in the philippines but now ellen and oprah wants her to be on their shows. and now everyone is all praises for her. and i’m happy for her, she’s going to give other singers out there some healthy competition.

hot on her toes, well i should say, following lukewarmly are two filipina singers who started recorded themselves inside their bathroom singing rnb covers. they call themselves rin on the rox and they’re slowly making a name for themselves. they already appeared on ellen, and that’s a big start for these chinese restaurant waitresses.

then it’s not just the singers. there’s christine gambito, also known as ‘happy slip.’ this comedian gained fame in youtube by posting vignettes of life as an asian-american. she’s one of the biggest stars of youtube, and her channel is one of the most subscribed.

that’s what led me to the conclusion that all it takes to become famous is a camera, some video editing know-how, an internet connection and youtube!

it’s not all singing and comedy on youtube. the site has also become an avenue for bloggers who, instead of writing their thoughts, record them. these video bloggers, or vloggers, talk about almost anything and they’re very prolific. and what i find nifty about the site is that aside from text comments, other users can also post video responses, making the exchange of ideas more interactive. i’ve even seen a post where users who have never met personally, created a video supporting gay rights.

so, will youtube be the end of talent scouts, auditions, go-sees and casting calls? i highly doubt that. but at least it gives us other avenues to become famous, youtube famous that is. 🙂


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