the big tent follies

the big tent earlier, somebody came up to me and said: “if i were you, i would delete you facebook status messages”

welcome to the the big tent. where nothing is as it seems. where knife jugglers stab you even when you’re down. when lion tamers breathe fire and the lions are mere cats with really big hair.

i am a court jester. i got lost in the woods on my way to the castle and ended up joining the circus. it is a choice that i am starting to regret. it is a choice that doesn’t have any benefits at all. i am a living proof that jesters are dumb. we just go about our daily lives and entertain, bend over backwards and if a small hint of complaint is heard from us, they chop off our heads.

imbes na status updates ko ang busisihin nyo, bakit hindi nyo kaya asikasuhin sweldo ko? you have way too much time on your hands

the audience just laugh at the tightrope walkers who are also elephant riders and horse whisperers too. in a small big tent, there are so many performers, one can’t spot the difference between the laughing clown and the blood-hungry crowd.

we are modern day gladiators, fighting tooth and nail and with each other. but the question is, for what? but hey, that’s the circus for you. a kaleidoscope of colors and personality with never-ending confetti and glitter.

but no matter how far we bend our backs, swallow countless swords and every breath we breathe is fire, it can never be enough. we just have to make sure crowds are pouring in, ticket sales are up and the elephants have their peanuts.

now i wonder, if i haven’t got lost in the woods, how would life at the castle be like?


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